Lincoln Marshall

Lincoln Marshall 1

There are few local acts that are quite as kinetic as Lincoln Marshall, the hip-hop duo composed of Approach and MilkDrop. Approach in particular is cited by a lot of local hip-hop acts (including some previously featured ones such as Steddy P) for inspiring their own stage performances. Then again, maybe “stage” isn’t the right word – one has a chance to get up close and personal as they move through the crowd, creating both opportunities and challenges for your humble photographer.

Lincoln Marshall 3

Lincoln Marshall 2

Lincoln Marshall 4

Lincoln Marshall 5

While I have no video for this Lincoln Marshall performance, I’d be remiss if I didn’t show off one of their music videos, skillfully directed by another local MC:


Revenge of the Lawrence Squirrel Invasion

And so they retreated, driven back whence they came by merciless nature – the savage weather and the bloodied talon. They retreated, and all who lived in fear of them rejoiced. The tables had turned, and the little tyrants were back where they belonged.

But nothing is forever. They were weakened but not felled. Even in their frigid nests, they regained their strength. They would return again with renewed ferocity.

Squirrel Invasion 10

Squirrel Invasion 11

Squirrel Invasion 12

Squirrel Invasion 13

Gnarly Davidson

Gnarly Davidson 5

The Replay Lounge recently hosted a pop-up fundraiser for a local resident dealing with cancer. The fundraiser was headlined by a number of local acts, including the previously featured High Westhus. But the showstopper – as always when they perform – was frenetic hard-rock trio Gnarly Davidson.

Gnarly Davidson 1

Gnarly Davidson 2

Gnarly Davidson 3

Gnarly Davidson 6

Gnarly Davidson 4

Rev It Up Car Show

Rev It Up 1

I am by no means a car guy, but I can still muster up appreciation for the vehicles that were on display at this weekend’s Rev It Up classic car show in South Park. Featuring restored and custom vehicles from as far back as the 1930s, it was a fine exhibition of automotive history – the vintage, the rare, and the just plain odd.

Rev It Up 3

Rev It Up 2

Rev It Up 5

Rev It Up 4

Rev It Up 6

Rev It Up 7

Lawrence Odds and Ends

It occurs to me that I have a few pictures lying around that I’ve never used. With another productive weekend coming up, now seems as good a time as any to clear out the ol’ queue.

New Hampshire Mural

You may have noticed the image at the top of the post – people working on a mural on the side of a building at New Hampshire Street. This new addition replaces an older mural that was removed as part of ongoing construction in the area. Thus, the area became the target of a community beautification project, done a little bit at a time by everyone in the area. But it wasn’t just New Hampshire – while this was going on, the Burroughs Trail was getting the same collaborative treatment:

14th St. Mural 1

14th St. Mural 2

The New Hampshire location was singled out for improvement for another reason – the lot hosts the local Farmers Market. The Market provides access to the usual products –  fresh produce, baked goods, high-quality meat, honey, eggs and wine – but befitting a musical community, it also draws a number of buskers:

Farmers Market Buskers 1

Farmers Market Buskers 2

Moving up the street a bit, we have some stray pictures from LiveOnMass 3. This one was a pep rally to kick off the KU sports season and thus attracted a more typically Lawrence crowd. I wasn’t on hand for the rally, but I did turn up to cover the music portion, including The Band That Saved the World:

Live on Mass - The Band That Saved the World 3

Live on Mass - The Band That Saved the World 4

Live on Mass - The Band That Saved the World 2

Live on Mass - The Band That Saved the World 1