Ebony Tusks

Ebony Tusks 1

Continuing our wind-down of the Lawrence music scene, we have Ebony Tusks, a personal favorite from local hip-hop. Marty Hillard is a great showman who brings everything from hardcore rhymes to some heart-wrenching slam poetry and is just a decent guy on top of it all.

Ebony Tusks 4

Ebony Tusks 3

Ebony Tusks 5

Ebony Tusks 2


Vibralux 1

In terms of showmanship, there aren’t a lot of acts around here that bring it as hard as Vibralux. Blending old-school heavy metal shock imagery with a gender-bending aesthetic, this is an act that really stands out. It took a little luck to get these shots through the strobes and fog, but it certainly gives an impression of what it’s like to see them in person.

Vibralux 5

Vibralux 6

Vibralux 3

Vibralux 4

Vibralux 2

Drugs & Attics

Drugs & Attics 1

I missed out on seeing local party rock act Drugs & Attics at Field Day Fest, so this was a little catch-up for me. Drugs & Attics is a very high-energy act and I only wish I was quick enough to catch some of the further theatrics on display.

Drugs & Attics 2

Drugs & Attics 3


Eems 1

As I near the end of my tenure here in the Oasis, I’ve been trying to get pictures of acts that I’ve overlooked over the past few years. This weekend was a good one, with a free show at the Bottleneck featuring no fewer than three acts I’d never seen at all. First up is Eems, a rapper-turned-ukulele-player (go figure, huh?) who opened and closed his set with a drumline featuring his younger brothers.

Eems 2

Eems 3

Eems 4

Get Felt @ Cider Gallery

Promised and delivered: Last seen at the White Schoolhouse a few weeks back, Lawrence’s own after-hours puppet theatre the Felt Show made an appearance at the Cider Gallery for January’s Final Friday. This month’s show featured a number of educational vignettes, including self-defense against orange sex monsters, proper use of a bidet, and a master’s course in the fine art of baiting.

The Felt Show @ Cider Gallery 1

The Felt Show @ Cider Gallery 2

The Felt Show @ Cider Gallery 3

The Felt Show @ Cider Gallery 4