Lawrence Squirrel Invasion

It always starts so innocently, with no hint given as to the nature of what will soon pass. Where there were only a few, suddenly there are many, growing larger and fatter by the day. And what is their intention? Be they conquerors or destroyers? Do they even possess the knowledge to comprehend their own terrible influence, or are they driven by instinct?

Squirrel Invasion 4

Squirrel Invasion

Squirrel Invasion 3

Squirrel Invasion 2

Road to Indy Fest – FlyCam, Smokey Bare, Dru Dawsyn

Indyground (also known as IGE) is a Kansas City-area independent music label that has a real knack for finding fantastic talent from here to St. Louis. They just wrapped up the Road to Indy Fest tour, a showcase that serves as a precursor to the biggest rap event in the area. Here are some of the newer acts in their roster:


Road to Indyfest - Flycam 3

Road to Indyfest - Flycam 1

Road to Indyfest - Flycam 2

Smokey Bare

Road to Indyfest - Smoky Bare 2

Road to Indyfest - Smoky Bare 1

Dru Dawsyn

Road to Indyfest - Dru Dawsyn 2

Road to Indyfest - Dru Dawsyn 1

Around Lawrence – Dublin Harpers

Dublin Harpers 1

The Lawrence Farmer’s Market hosts plenty of musicians, but few with the panache of the Dublin Harpers, who put on a solid set of music and dance despite temperatures nearing (and eventually passing) 90 degrees. This wasn’t planned at all – sometimes you just come across unexpected surprised in Lawrence.

Dublin Harpers 2

Dublin Harpers 3

Dublin Harpers 4

Lawrence Field Day Fest – Master Post

Lawrence Field Day Fest is a three-day, multi-venue music event deliberately held during the last quiet weeks of summer before the students return. It always includes an impressively diverse array of acts, demonstrating the spectrum of acts in the greater Kansas City area. This year, I was brought on as an auxiliary photographer for I Heart Local Music, which gave me the opportunity to check out some acts that I might not normally have watched. Check here for the whole rundown.

Here are a just a few of the acts:

High Westhus

LFDF - High Westhus

Wild Eye

LFDF - Wild Eye

Jon Harrison and the Harrisonics

LFDF - Jon Harrison and the Harrisonics

Youngest Children

LFDF - Youngest Children

Broken Arrows

LFDF - Broken Arrows

Check out additional acts with video: