Goodbye, Ovaries-eez

Ovariez-eez 1

Yet again, I’ve been fortunate enough to have my camera on hand to capture a departing act. This time it was the last performance of the harmonious trio the Ovaries-eez, appearing as part of the Forever Fest showcase (which also included some other previously featured acts including Invisible Public Library and High Westhus).

Ovariez-eez 3

Ovariez-eez 4

Ovariez-eez 2

Ovariez-eez 5

Ovariez-eez 6


Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

Lawrence Christmas Parade 1

Parades aren’t normally my thing, but the Lawrence holiday parade has a certain charm to it. It features no motorized vehicles, only horses and carts, plus a lot of period costumes. Most of the riders are from the greater Kansas City area though you’ll also see participants from Nebraska, Iowa, even Wyoming.

Lawrence Christmas Parade 3

Lawrence Christmas Parade 2

Lawrence Christmas Parade 4

Lawrence Christmas Parade 6

Lawrence Christmas Parade 5

Lawrence Christmas Parade 7

Lawrence Christmas Parade 9

Lawrence Christmas Parade 8

Lawrence Christmas Parade 10

Squirrel Invasion – Desperate Struggle

You’ve seen their nests, even if you haven’t consciously noticed them – bundles of leaves packed tight into the space where the branch meets the trunk of the tree, the higher the better. This is where they go to ride out the lean months. They’ll depart only to scrounge their surroundings for needed nutrition, to fatten themselves to endure the cold. The rest of time, they rest…

…And plot.

Squirrel Invasion 14

Squirrel Invasion 18

Squirrel Invasion 17

Squirrel Invasion 16

Squirrel Invasion 15

Punk Rock @ The White Schoolhouse

The White Schoolhouse

This is the White Schoolhouse. That’s exactly what it is – an old one-room school house on the edge of town. Except now they play music in the basement. And really, what better place is there to listen to very loud punk rock than a tiny, mostly empty basement?

The lineup featured two local acts. There was the local favorite Arc Flash, whose guitarist had to quickly find a way to deal with a minor technical problem quite common to hardcore acts – the broken guitar strap (did you notice the broken strap in the Gnarly Davidson pics?). But where there’s a will, there’s a way:

Arc Flash 1

Arc Flash 2

Arc Flash 3

Arc Flash 4

But as always, the most memorable moments came courtesy of Stiff Middle Fingers. Their frontman is well known for onstage antics, particularly his penchant for scaling whatever happens to be convenient, but what to do in an empty room? Well, even in the basement, Travis still found a way to get some air:

Stiff Middle Fingers 2

Stiff Middle Fingers 1

Stiff Middle Fingers 3

Stiff Middle Fingers 4

Stiff Middle Fingers 6

Stiff Middle Fingers 5

Split Lip Rayfield

Split Lip Rayfield 1

I’m not sure that I need to give much of an intro for alternate-country trio Split Lip Rayfield. They’re probably the best known and most enduring musical act I’ve featured on this site. What you might now know unless you live in these parts is their penchant for turning up at the damndest places, including street shows or – in this case – the Lied Center Pavilion on a rain-choked day.

Split Lip Rayfield 3

Split Lip Rayfield 2

Split Lip Rayfield 4

Split Lip Rayfield 5

Split Lip Rayfield 6

Split Lip Rayfield 7

This time, it’s two videos for the price of one: